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Fear my sceneless beasties!


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Gotta love my random favorites. Good luck finding something that links them all, besides the fact that they're on my favorites list. =P


I really liked this at first glance, showing him coming out of some sort of darkness, and the uniquely-shaped tentacles. Most people do...


*edited* I ran out of time and had to cut it short when I posted.

I know I have hardly any watchers, but I just felt like sharing that I'm working on making a Slenderman Shimeji. I've got about half of the frames done, I just need to work on some of the special stuff, like where they jump onto a window, or the part where they hang upside down. One thing that bugs me is that the only Slenderman Shimeji I've found so far work towards making him 'cute'. I hate that. He is not a cute being, he is monstrous, creepy, and menacing. That's why I find him so fascinating. My version of him will be pixel art rather than the smooth strokes I see in all other Shimeji. If anyone wants to help me with the walk cycle and ideas for the other bahaviours, it would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that, I've made a new character, pretty much an anthropomorphic version of Aur. He's noticably tamer, not feeling much of a compulsion to kill, simply to bite. His mood is also a tone darker than Aur's, not eternally happy sunshine rainbows birdies flying about with butterflies and all that. He's more forceful, cocky even. Like Aur, his scales are a red-orange, with neat black markings on his body. However, he does not have any fluff, and his face is flat, like a human's. His teeth are all pointed, and his nose is flat, just two slits on his face... Like Voldermort! But not as evil. Just cocky. His wings have orange membranes, and he's got large, wide belly scales. I'm still not sure how those would work, but he's got the traditional belly scales for a dragon. In contrast, Niphanos has belly scales like a snake, fairly thin and close together. This new Aur has a different name, though, but he hasn't told me what it is yet. He appears to have a slightly more diverse range of breath attacks, being able to blow a variety of airborne chemicals at others, including one to induce fear, an <redacted> and a mildly corrosive acid. It'll sting your eyes, but it won't do anything more immediately.

I think I may have come up with a name for him. It made me laugh, at first, but is does have some visual and perhaps even phonetic similarities to the names of others like him. Xark is the name I came up with. Sounds kinda like an alien, doesn't it? Anyhow, I noticed it sounds like Sark from TRON, the original one. Following that same phonetic train of thought, he is also very much like a shark, and his name reflects that to some degree. His confident persona also has a dark tinge to it, unlike any of the other characters I have, who are usually confident because they're happy or enjoying themselves as they are. He's confident in an I'm-secretly-eighty-times-stronger-than-you kind of way, even if he isn't.

While I'm at it, I should just make a journal with all of my characters in it, including as much of their individual personalities as I dare put up on this site. Just the dragon characters number at least 8, plus my myriad of wolf characters, many of whom have drifted from my mind, forgotten as I fell in love with forum roleplaying as a dragon. I remember Nestor,  Maelathorta, Ietgarm and Helgarm, and Malkon... others flail at me from beyond the edges of my ragged memoory, like moth-eaten curtains blown in the wind. Each time I made another character, I was seeking to try something new, attempting to explore another facet of my own mind, Malkon, with his broken and repetitive soul, Nestor, with his dejection and self-hatred, Maelathorta, with his unending and pup-like happiness hiding his deep wisdom as a facade... the twins, Ietgarm and Helgarm were my attempt at figuring out how my characters talked, as their knowledge of spoken language was lacking due to their surcease of interaction with others. When I made Khora, she was my attempt at playing a female character, trying to see if I didn't sound like too much of a misogynistic arse. Aur came out of nowhere; I honestly have no idea how he came about. He just showed up one day, polluting my mind with images of gore and death. I've been trying to rid myself of him ever since. Niphanos... Ah, my most beloved creation... I know I am not him, but I ache so badly wanting to be him... He is really two characters, one being anthropomorphic, the other being quadrupedic. They met thanks to a dimensional magician's spell going awry. They turn out to be two very different people, similar in many ways, but different in just as many. The quad is more laid back and, at times, aloof, whereas the anthro will gladly help someone he dashes past, even if they don't ask. The quad I find to be personally identifying as me at my worst, trying my best. The anthro I find to be me at my best, better than I'll ever be...

Well. That was noticeably more off from its original topic than I intended, and awfully depressing and self-revealing to boot. I hope you enjoyed it. ;P
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Niphanos Azano
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United States
I'm too terribly messed up in the head to say much about myself besides the fact that my dragon name is Niphanos. Nietzsche states my opinion on this perfectly:
"Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself." ~Friedrich Nietzsche
So I try and talk about myself as little as possible.

Bi and proud. Not that I'll go forth into the streets and shout it, or anything. =P

"Why does everybody say it's the quiet ones you need to look out for? I'm worried about that very pissed and very loud man in the middle of the street with a chainsaw and a shotgun."

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Forgive me, I can never remember who did what things I favourite.

Now that I know, though, I'd like to say that the idea is really awesome. "The cake is a lie" is stupidly-overused, this reversal of it ties in the original sentiment without the annoying nature of the original phrase. :D

The way you designed the deer is cool on its own, even without the idea behind it. It successfully executes Valve's simplistic, but impactful way of designing Aperture's things and really gives the image a strong focus.

I really hope this wins the contest, it's a great design!
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